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future husband and daughters…..

this is so freakkin adorable.


future husband and daughters…..

this is so freakkin adorable.

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Porter Robinson feat. Jano - The Seconds

Will always be my favorite song from Porter :’)

A little sad that I won’t be able to go to Sun God this year.

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Keep calm and curry on!! #wearewarriors #warriorsground #warriorgirlalumni #gswarriors #gsw #goldenstatewarriorgirls #goldenstateplayoffs #warriorsplayoffs #nbaplayoffs #theplayoffs #playoffs #stephencurry #dubnation (at The Palace Of Redondo Beach)


Keep calm and curry on!! #wearewarriors #warriorsground #warriorgirlalumni #gswarriors #gsw #goldenstatewarriorgirls #goldenstateplayoffs #warriorsplayoffs #nbaplayoffs #theplayoffs #playoffs #stephencurry #dubnation (at The Palace Of Redondo Beach)

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Curry Hits Back-to-Back Lay-ups with Each Hand

so sad I missed the the first game :|

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What gay men give to the world.  A-yup.

On the second one.

There’s this one gay club I go to that actually has a problem of straight guys going there to dance with girls.  I guess these guys don’t understand that girls can also be gay, because they assume that any girls at the club are there with their gay guy friends.

So one night I was out on the dance floor, and I see this guy.  He’s like over six-foot, at least, all beefed-up, muscle shirt, looks kindof like a douchebag.  And he’s just circling the dance floor, in one continuous loop, looking at the crowd like a predator, and it’s creeping me the fuck out.

It’s creeping me out enough that I don’t immediately realize what’s going on nearby.  Some girl has attracted one of the Assholes, who has proceeded to begin grinding on her.  She’s pushing him away, telling him to get lost.  He’s pulling that whole, “come on, don’t be a bitch” spiel, and generally just not getting the message.

BAM.  Suddenly, the prowling guy swoops in, like some sort of Gay Avenger.  He shoves himself between the girl and the Asshole, grabs the Asshole by the hips, and starts dirty dancing him like a God-damned fuck machine.  Asshole completely flips his shit, like how DARE another man try to dance with him at a GAY BAR???, starts spitting curses, and tears ass off the dance floor and out onto the sidewalk.

The Gay Avenger turns back to the girl, inclines his head in an, “are you okay?” sort of gesture.  She nods, and he returns to his previous position of circling the dance floor, looking for his next target.

Told this story to some guys upstairs.  Apparently Gay Avenger is a regular there.

someone write a comic book about Gay Avenger.

Just perfect.

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LDR… no more? Kinda? eh.

The bright side is that we are no longer 6 hours away from each other, we are now only 2 hours away.

However, it seems as if we’ll be working pretty much opposite schedules. It’s like I’m in Australia again & we were in different time zones.. except we’re not. He works that 9-6 Monday through Friday, and I seem to work most nights & weekends. We both can’t really text while we’re at work & he goes to bed before I’m home from work.

I think things are only going to get more.. interesting from here on out.

We’ll see

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